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Founded in 2000, we have over twelve years of experience in the cable assembly, wire harness, printed circuit boards and contract manufacturing fields. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers when it comes to quality, quantity, and delivery.

What we do

Its impossible to outline all the products we have the capabilities of providing. Although we specialize in wire harnesses, cable assemblies and printed circuit boards we are able to do much more. Our manufacturing team has several decades of combined experience along with the expertise and knowledge of the co-owners Mark Neal and Royce Reinhart. We are a small, family owned and family run facility. Our small size allows us to be very competitive in our pricing and enables us to do orders of any size from a few pieces to thousands. It also allows us to work quickly and efficiently without the troubles often associated with “mass production” facilities.


Instead of telling our customers what we can’t do for them, we prefer to ask,


What CAN versitec do for you?

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How did we come up with the name versitec?

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